TRUNORTHDECK™  is a  brand owned and manufactured by TruNorth Composites Inc. We are located in Brantford, ON.

How is our product different from the other composite decking available?

• Reversible board with wood grain on both sides
• Heat blocking technology keeps the board cooler than many other composites
• 100 % Arkansas Rice Hulls, no wood saw dust is used
• Rice hulls absorb very little moisture
• Looks and cuts like real wood
• Outer shell (Capping) on all four sides
• made from 90% Recycled Material
• Rice hulls will not harbor mold or fungus
• Rice hulls will not burn or decay easily

How much potential waste is recycled from the landfill in order to produce TND’s composite decking?

A 12 ft. x 12 ft. sized deck recovers the equivalent of 12,000 plastic water bottles from the landfill, saves consumption of 90 gallons (343 L) of oil and at least 1,132lbs (514kg) of CO2 emissions.

How do I calculate how much material is required?

To calculate the amount of lineal feet of decking needed measure the square footage of your deck and multiply that by 2.28. Depending on the complexity of your deck you may want to add 10% for cut off waste (Example: 10 ft. x 10 ft. = 100 square ft. x 2.28 = 228 lineal feet). To calculate how many fastening clips required calculate 2.5 clips per square foot when joists are on 16” centers and 5 clips per square foot when joists are on 12” centers.

What tools do I need?

You can use the same tools you use on wood products using a regular carbide blade, table saw, radial arm, hand saw, drill bits and routers. TND composite decking and accessories cut and shape just like real wood.

What is the Slide & Go® System?

TruNorth Deck has a complete decking system. The Slide & Go® system is the use of the hidden fastening clip and stainless screw, allowing your next board to slide into position and ready for the next fastening clip. This decking system allows for expansion and contraction of the composite material. All plastics or composites expand and contract according to weather conditions.

The clips leave a 3/16″ gap between the boards for air circulation and water drainage.

The clip and screw are black, and cover the top of the joist, so they actually help protect the joist(from water/sun) and hide the joist in the shadows.

Can I clean it using a power wash?

We recommend power washing in the spring and fall or as required. Rice Hulls are very hard and power washing will not harm the board. Power wash using soap detergent and a hose fan spread of 6” or more.

How do I repair the board if my BBQ fell over?

Most stains will power wash out with detergent soap. Small stubborn stains can be removed using a brass wire brush going with the direction of the grain on the composite decking material.

What about badly stained or accidental BBQ burns?

The boards can be slid out by loosening the clips, sliding the board out and turning it over as there is a wood grain finish on both sides. Never stain or clear coat the decking material. Paint or clear coat will eventually peel off as it does with wood.

Will the colour of the decking fade?

All colours will fade to some degree. Decking material will have minimum fading and the gloss appearance will disappear.

How big are the gaps between the grooved boards when installed with Slide&Go Clips?

The Slide&Go clips leave a 3/16” gap in the boards side to side. That is a small gap, so it’s hard to see the clips unless you are standing straight above looking down with overhead light (noon).

The Driver tool included with Slide&Go clips, is also made to fit between the 3/16″ gap so adjustments can be made during construction and in the future.

Can I use Pro Plugs with other brands of screws?

While some other brands of screws may work, using a different brand of screws would void warranty coverage for the plug system.

Can I use the deck Pro plugs for fascia boards?

No, the fascia boards are not thick enough for this system to work properly long term. We recommend the DeckFast Colour matched fascia screw system, available anywhere TruNorth Deck is sold.

How close can I put my bbq or Grill to TruNorth Deck boards used for privacy screen or railing?

We recommend you go by the BBQ’s instructions since some BBQs are hotter than others and some push more heat out the back or sides. Typically the BBQ manufacturer will make a recommendation for proximity to vinyl railing or siding, and if you follow that, it should be more than adequate for TruNorth Deck in most scenarios.